1. AUU is more expensive than other options
- False. AAU does not set the cost of registration, each individual program has their own registration cost and budget. Many of our AAU programs have decided *not* to raise their fees this year and offer payment plans. Registration costs are up to the program commissioner and their board of directors just as they have always been.

2. AUU only offers sideline or competition cheer
- False. Our AAU cheerleaders will be cheering on the sidelines as well as at competitions.

3. AAU will cost more for competitions
- False. Each AAU program will be building their own competition schedule based on cost and travel. You may find that a program will choose a smaller number of competitions, or choose not to compete too far from their home park to save money while still offering a competitive season. Many competitions offer paid bids!

4. AUU will not offer a “Regionals” or “Nationals” experience
- False. The North Florida Youth Cheer Conference will have a local conference championship, however our end-goal is the National’s experience at the Quest Recreational Championship at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, which is a Varsity sanctioned event. Teams will earn their paid and at-large bids to Nationals at other Varsity sanctioned events of their choosing. If you’re familiar to all-star cheer, think “Summit”. Your season does not have to END after one or two competitions in our league.

5. AAU is not as safe as other leagues
- False. All AUU volunteers will submit to a national background check and will be certified to coach through AAU and our conference. Athletes will be using choreography built on USASF guidelines and standards.

6. AUU does not offer insurance
- False. As a matter of fact, each athlete will have a personal insurance coverage.

7. AAU isn’t as “good” as other leagues.
- False. Your league is only as good as the person who runs it. All AAU leagues are still 501c-3 non profit organizations here in the NFYFC, if you have any questions about budgets or spending, please contact your local Board of Directors for more information. If you need help finding the right home for your family, reach out and we can guide you to several AAU programs here in North Florida.

8. There are no address restrictions in AAU
- TRUE! We do not restrict participants from participating in any AAU program here in our conference based on their address or school. We welcome all families!